For Partners

Whether it’s sending a probe to the farthest reaches of our solar system or studying our own planet’s atmosphere, APL takes on some of the most complex endeavors in space science and engineering. We also know teamwork makes us better — which is why we regularly collaborate with other organizations to seek the best solutions and achieve what once seemed impossible.

Our Partners

Our partnerships include the largest and most influential government, industry and academic organizations in space exploration. We’ve teamed up with NASA centers, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Southwest Research Institute, Boeing, Ball Aerospace and Lockheed Martin, to name a few. We also work with international partners, like the space agencies of Europe, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.  

Whether we lead a mission or provide support, APL applies the expertise and capabilities to get the job done — even if nothing like it has ever been done before.

Work With Us

APL capabilities are as deep as they are broad. If you’re looking to partner with a team of top scientists, engineers and mission experts, we would be glad to discuss your needs and explore ways to help.

Here’s how to reach us.

In the meantime, we invite you to explore our missions and see how we’ve turned cool ideas into amazing discoveries.