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DSP Engineer
  • BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    2019, Rutgers University

Since joining APL in 2019, I have worked for the Avionics group with a focus on RF applications. I am on the Heliophysics Technology and Instrument Development for Science Program (HTIDS) grant, as a part of the team developing a Multichannel Digitizer and Spectral Processor (MDSP) intended to be used on a SmallSat to observe the Zeeman Effect. I have experience developing MATLAB tools to model the DSP aspects of a system and analyze FFT/PSD test data. In addition, I worked on DART as a test conductor for the IFM, RIUs, PM, and backplane. I performed trending analysis on data collected during testing of the Interface Module (IFM), to characterize telemetry points across temperature and identify anomalous behavior during box level and spacecraft integration and testing (SCIT). I also gave an Engineering Talk to the Avionics group on how to perform data trending.