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Materials Scientist
  • Ph.D., Materials Engineering
    2003, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • B.S., Materials Science and Engineering
    1998, Lehigh University

My research exploits the fundamental mechanisms of self-assembly to create smart materials inspired by nature.  These concepts are then applied to solve the critical challenges of NASA and DOD through materials-driven systems engineering.  This interdisciplinary approach cuts across polymer/materials chemistry, physical chemistry, physics, and biophysics. As a Principal Investigator, I have over ten years of experience transitioning original designs from proof-of-concept to deployment through industrial partnerships.

Notable Awards and Leadership

Year(s) Description
2017 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY PMSE MEMBER AT LARGE Elected by members of the ACS Polymer Materials Science and Engineering (PMSE) Division to provide input to the Executive Committee and Board on membership needs and concerns.
2017 STAR OF THE REDD PLANET AWARD Recognition for advocacy of technical career progression across the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory and mentorship of principal investigators leading internally funded research and development projects within the Research and Exploratory Development Department.
2016 R&D 100 FINALIST Widely recognized in industry, government, and academia as a mark of excellence for the most innovative ideas of the year, the R&D 100 Awards are the only industry-wide competition rewarding the practical applications of science.
2016 JHU/APL SENIOR ADVISORY GROUP Chosen as a select group of senior scientists and engineers from JHU/APL to provide direct feedback to the JHU/APL Executive Committee on matters concerning technical staff and impacting the technical career ladder.
2015 REDD AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE AND DEDICATION Award offered by the Research and Exploratory Development Department of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory to recognize staff for outstanding achievements.
2014 OUTSTANDING YOUNG SCIENTIST The Maryland Academy of Sciences and Maryland Science Center honor Maryland scientists and engineers who have made substantial contributions to science and engineering communities early in their careers.
2013 EXTERNAL ADVISORY BOARD OF LEHIGH UNIVERSITY MATERIALS SCI & ENGR DEPT Advise on strategic goals and priorities, offer guidance with respect to the needs of the public and professional community, and increase the visibility of the MSE department.
2011 JHU/APL PUBLICATION AWARD Award for author’s first paper in a peer reviewed journal or proceedings for, “Dipolar Assembly of Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles into Magnetically Driven Artificial Cilia.”
2010 JHU/APL INVENTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD An invention disclosure for “Implantable Pressure-Actuated Drug-Delivery Systems” was chosen as the top entry across the Applied Physics Laboratory.
2008 JHU/APL INVENTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD An invention disclosure for “Closed-Loop Triggered Drug Delivery via Physiologically Responsive Polymers” was chosen as the top entry across the Applied Physics Laboratory.
2005 NRC/NIST POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOW Chosen as top applicant in the summer of 2005 from among proposals submitted to a wide range of government research labs including NIST, ARL, AFRL, NRL, and NIH.
2003 NSF MPS-DRF DISTINGUISHED INTERNATIONAL POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOW Awarded to fewer than 20 applicants for all of math and physical sciences
1998 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA REGENTS FELLOW Fellowship awarded to the top incoming graduate student for each academic department.
2002 APS PADDEN AWARD FINALIST One of five finalists chosen by the Division of Polymer Physics (DPOLY) to present at a special session for top graduate students nearing graduation.
1998 BRADLEY STOUGHTON STUDENT AWARD Award given to top undergraduate from the Mat. Sci. & Eng. Dept. at Lehigh University.